Dogsee Chew Gluten-free Crunchies - Healthy Training Treats For Puppies

Crunchies – Healthy, Gluten-free Training Treats

For Your Growing Puppies To Munch On

Growing puppies need extra care and nutrition during their developing stage. Dogsee Chew presents gluten-free training treats for puppies.  Crunchies are chewy delights that provide all-round healthy growth of your pet. Untampered by modern interventions, all Dogsee Chew Crunchies are 100% natural and are extremely nutritious for your dog.


  • Rich in Calcium
  • Suitable for puppies as young as 60 days
  • Perfect for training your dogs

Dogsee Chew Crunchies are human grade, handcrafted, nutritious and wholesome treats ideal during the growing period of your dogs.


Exclusively available at vet clinics


  • Human Grade
  • Gluten-Free
  • Grain-Free
  • Preservatives-Free
  • Low Fat
Crunchies are a great treat for growing Puppies as they are rich in minerals, calcium, and protein. Crunchies can be given to Pups as young as 60 days.
2-3 bars in 100gm
Recommended serving size (per day):
Medium Sized Dog: 1 to 2 Bars
Dogsee Chew Crunchies are made from an ancient recipe using traditional methods of hardened yak milk called ‘Churpi’.
  • Yak and/or Cow milk
  • Salt
  • Lime Juice
The long lasting chews contain no preservatives or binding agents.
  • Crude Protein: Min 59.2%
  • Crude Fat: Min 5.2%
  • Moisture: Max 10 %
  • Fibre: Max 5.9%
Treats are 100% natural as they are made from pure milk and by using traditional methods
  • 100% Gluten-free.
  • About 60 % crude proteins.
  • The fat content is less than 1% of the whole product.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Consists of approximately 5% crude fat and 6 % fiber

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