Feeling lost in a pet food aisle is a very common feeling. The dizzying array of dog food options is enough to exhaust you. Dog parents like you are always searching for the best products that can help them raise a healthy and fit dog. But quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Even though commercialised dog food brands advertise wholesome food, that might not be the case in reality.

To lead a healthy life, dogs require a certain amount of nutrient intake on a day-to-day basis. The composition of their food will decide that, thus, it is necessary that the basic elements are required to be present. So, whenever you find yourself in the dog food aisle again, just remember all you have to do is ensure that you buy food that contains the following elements.

The Essential Elements Of Good Dog Food


Proteins are one of the most important nutrients that need to be included in a dog’s diet. Proteins contain amino acids that help build strong muscles and help repair body tissue. A dog’s body can only create half the amino acids it requires, the rest has to obtained from other food sources. Ingredients like chicken, egg, beef, soybeans and fish meal are commonly used in dog food to provide the necessary protein. Dogs require protein for their immunity, growth and development. The protein intake for an adult dog should be 18-25% whereas that for a puppy should be 21-26 %.  


Fibre enhances the digestive ability of your dog to a great extent. By inducing water into the intestine, it fights constipation and by absorbing water from the intestine, it fights diarrhoea. It even helps with a dog’s immunity and helps maintain blood sugar levels in them. Fibre in dog food generally ranges from 1% to 10%. However, as per vets 5 % is the benchmark, food above 5 is considered to be high fibre food. So always make sure to check the dog food label for the fibre content before giving it to your dog.


Although carbohydrates are not considered essential in a dog’s diet, and mostly considered to be fillers, however they do play a critical role. This is because not only are they high digestible but also a readily available energy source. During digestion, carbohydrates are broken down to glucose, the preferred source of energy for certain body cells, including the brain. Grains are a common source of carbohydrates but many dogs are allergic to grain or gluten, thus to overcome this obstacle non-grain based carbohydrate sources can be fed to dogs such as beans, peas, potatoes etc.


Vitamins and Minerals

Essential vitamins and minerals have to be included in a dog’s diet. Vitamins support their immune system and also help in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Vitamins like E and A are commonly found in fruits and vegetables. Minerals on the other hand can be provided through supplements or directly through food. They help perform daily functions and prevent deficiencies in the dog’s body.


Fats are highly concentrated forms of energy. There is a misconception that fats are bad for dogs, but that is not the case. Only when consumed more than the optimal level are they harmful to dogs. They are essential for the proper development and functioning of cells, they are also required to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Typical fats found in dog foods include both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. A good source of such fat is fish, canola oil, soyabean etc.

Last but not the least is water. They don’t call water the elixir of life for no reason, water is beneficial for dog healthy just as it is for humans. Every important function in the body requires water, from digestion to joint movement, thus it is essential that you always provide your pets with a fresh bowl of water.

Steps To Choose The Right Dog Food

Apart from these elements, a few other factors also have to be considered while choosing packaged food for your dogs. They are:

  • Avoid artificial preservatives and colours
  • Avoid sugar
  • Choose grain and gluten-free
  • Check for healthy byproducts

Apart from all these factors, you also need to understand your dog well. Consult your veterinarian and find out your dog's allergies, health considerations, exact weight as well as the amount of nutrition intake they actually need. A lot of options might be present to choose from, but it is important that we make an informed decision. Dogsee Chew is an example of a brand that caters to your dog’s needs, by manufacturing highly nutritious treats that are ideal for them. The treats are grain-free and gluten-free which is ideal for dogs who have specific allergies. They are also 100% natural, contains very less fat to avoid obesity and excess calories, free of all artificial flavouring and added preservatives and completely human grade. Made from the finest yak cheese chews from the Himalayas, it provides the essential nutrients in your dog’s diet to keep it healthy.

The overall well-being of a dog is highly dependent on the kind of food it eats. The choice is yours to make. Make an informed choice and give them the best they deserve.

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